Creativity and Intelligence: the philosophy of

Creativity often ruminates about the nature of intelligence and those conjured ruminations that regard intelligence lead to a reliable conclusion. The essence of intelligence is to be narrow; that is, intelligence clears out all the noise which blocks the pathway that leads to a goal. Formulate the hypothesis, conduct the experiment, and collect the data; analyze data and then repeat. Creativity cannot understand such behavior.

Intelligence often conceptualizes creativity in an aimless light. To intelligence, the essence of creativity is to do nothing; that is, creativity has no end in sight, nor would there be a mapped or envisioned path to get to the end if there were an end. Creativity is a moment to moment act with an arbitrary end-point. Begin to paint and then stop when a balance is reached; if not the balance is not reached, continue to paint.

intelligence is dumbfounded that creativity entertains incoherent nonsense with no direction, and creativity is dumbfounded that intelligence knows where it is going yet cannot see the entire picture.

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