Recently, the idea that Trump is mentally unhealthy has gained a lot of buzz. Psychologists and Psychiatrists are now coming forth to claim that Trump is mentally unstable and so cannot be in the white house any further due to him being a mental health risk.

These claims are certainly true in some respect, but it does not mean Trump should be removed from the white house; only because all leaders need to be slightly unhealthy.

Trump is certainly a grandiose narcissist who probably has sociopathic tendencies, just look at some of these tweets:

Obviously, the first tweet is grandiose and self-centered, and it is also clear that the second tweet reflects the emotional maturity one would expect from a schoolyard bully. These traits, although unhealthy for the average individual, are borderline necessary for someone in trump’s position, however.

Grandiosity is necessary for someone that leads a country; indeed, the people who wake up each morning and say, “I’m going to be average,” will never become leaders. So, Trump’s grandiosity is what got him into his leadership position. And I’d argue that it is safe to assume that other leaders have had a similar level of grandiosity, but that they were probably just less upfront with it because of PR specialists.

The general public loves narcissists and grandiose individuals, evident by the fact that the public loves celebrities. So, to become a leader, to some extent, requires a stupid level of confidence that is absolutely out of touch with reality. This same type of reasoning can be found in Steve Jobs and Mohammid Ali; for instance, Steve Jobs genuinely believed that most people were no smarter than himself, and so he could do what anyone else could do. Similarly, Mohammid Ali thought of himself as unbeatable. Most leaders have stupid levels of grandiosity, and that’s what makes them leaders.

Moreover, to be a leader of a country means you’re going to make a lot of enemies, within and outside the country. And so, there a few strategies to adopt in response to the enemies. Trump’s strategy is to name call and belittle, and in a quite blunt fashion as well. This, might I add, was also done by Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and many others. How one deals with their enemies in public will have a massive impact on the public’s perception. So, leaders need to be able to dish out the heat; hence, many leaders have sociopathic tendencies.

And to close off, let us consider some of the responsibilities of leaders; only to emphasize further that all leaders MUST be messed up in the head to some extent. Presidents have to green light drone strikes, all while knowing that some of those strikes will kill innocent children. The only way someone could perform a duty like that is if they are detached, unempathetic, and emotionally cold. The normal person could never do such a task on the daily.  Even furthermore, leaders have to make decisions that will put people into financial struggles; that is, a leader has to green light some economic plans that will take food off the tables of children and their families. I would be too frustrated from the heartbreak that such a thought brings to even think clearly; and so, an emotionally detached person would be far more suitable for such a position. Great leaders also have to look at people as functions rather than individuals; that is, they cannot have any concern for the personal lives of others; instead, they need to be concerned only with the optimization of their institution, or else suffer the consequences of emotion influencing one’s attempt at mathematical optimization.

All the presidents are a bit screwy, Trump is just outright with his nuttiness.






Written by IdeasInHat

A lover of ideas, literature, and black coffee; the religious trifecta necessary for good writing. With an education in psychology, economics, and mathematics, Jordan writes weekly articles about science, philosophy, politics, and society. He offers an interdisciplinary perspective on any topic he discusses in his articles, as he has years of academic research experience in multiple fields. His articles are informative, well researched, and highly original. He is a coherent writer and controversial thinker worth following.

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