We experience free will throughout each waking moment of our daily lives, a resonating certainty tells us we are in control. That I opened the book and turned until I had reached the page which I last read; that I opened my eyes and decided to venture out of the house and into the world; that I opened my mind and learned about the beauty which surrounds me in the universe. These are but a few of the moments which resonate with the certainty of control.

Yet these certainties, science tells me, are illusions. I cannot possibly, in the most fundamental sense, be free. My relationships are dictated by love chemicals and mechanical interactions within my brain. My career path, contrary to my belief, was predetermined by the possible gene-environment interactions that turned to actual gene-environment interactions. I cannot be free.

I cannot be free from biology, nor can I be free from society. Each society has a culture, a belief system of sorts. And every society expects of its members a full commitment to this belief system. It is essential to get an education, it is essential to support your government, and it is essential to work for a company. You need a car, you need a house, you need a career, and you need to do this all without a doubt. Conform to these beliefs, there is no other choice. I cannot be free.

Whether it be biology or society, we are robbed of our choice. And in its place, we are given the illusion of freedom. Choose your boss, but do choose one; choose your job, but do choose one; choose from our options, we have soo many for you. The conditions of life select for you, you do not select for yourself.

Written by IdeasInHat

A lover of ideas, literature, and black coffee; the religious trifecta necessary for good writing. With an education in psychology, cognitive science, and mathematics, Jordan writes weekly articles about science, philosophy, politics, and society. He offers an interdisciplinary perspective on any topic he discusses in his articles, as he has years of research experience in multiple fields. His articles are informative, well researched, and highly original. His originality makes him a contrarian on many topics, such as free will and determinism, and so his articles spark controversy. He is a coherent writer and controversial thinker worth following.

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