3 Reasons Why Kanye West Gives Me Anxiety

Kanye West is a modern day celebrity who causes me great anxiety. He causes me anxiety for three reasons: he has incoherent beliefs, he has delusions of grandeur, and he’s socially unaware. These cause me anxiety because we all have them, even if we are unwilling to admit it. And so, Kanye is a walking billboard that obsessively reminds me about the shortcomings of not only my self but also humanity.

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Kanye West

  • Who Is Kanye West?

3 Reasons Why Kanye West Gives Me Anxiety

  • Where Is Reality?
  • Delusions Of Grandeur Or Genuine Accomplishment?
  • There But Unaware

Kanye West Embodies Our Shortcomings

  • What We See In Kanye

Kanye West

Who Is Kanye West?

Kanye west is a 41-year-old abstraction that appears on various digital medians to convey ostentatious messages for half-empty minds. He sits atop the soapbox of youtube and shouts downwardly his esoteric rhetoric alongside intellectuals like Donald Trump: woke.

Much like Karl Marx, Kanye West educates the truth-starved masses by feeding them red pills. In high hopes, Kanye prays to Thoth, pleading for the eradication of the ignorance-based hunger which so plagues American culture. But in contrast to Karl Marx, who wrote books to educate others about poverty and classism, of which maintained a prose that was only understood by deliberately fooling one’s self into comprehension, Kanye wrote rap songs instead.

Kanye is also married to Kim Kardashian, with whom he has 3 children named: North West, Saint West, and Chicago West. Having successfully maintained their relationship, Kanye and Kim have become famous digital holograms that dance around inside the brains of millions of Americans.

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Kanye West is a prominent figure in the psyche of the American public, an essential representation for American culture. Without Kanye, America will never be great again.

3 Reasons Why Kanye West Gives Me Anxiety

Where Is Reality?

Kanye West is a heuristic of sorts. As he gracefully waltzes around my field of perception, spreading happiness and joy throughout my awareness, he also causes a great unease. From the depths of my mind, next to my faculties of reason, resides a narrow corridor, wherein which there resides a room for storage. Stored inside that room are facts of great discomfort; and his essence disturbs these facts.

These facts, when unpacked, cause tremendous anxiety and pain. Like a sofa being crammed through a doorway 3 sizes too small, my mortal mind cannot bear the weight of these facts. They peel myelin from the axons of my nerves, and permeate the walls of my membranes.

From the depths of my unconscious, upon the perception of Kanye West, I am brutally struck by a realization; a realization that the line between reality and delusion is not only minuscule but also easily crossed.

When Kanye preaches the word of Yeezus, we can witness the ways in which Kanye becomes lost in either the idealisms of his fantasy or the loose associations of his imagination.

For instance, he sometimes utters beliefs that are remarkably incoherent, yet he seems to believe them, nonetheless. Case in point, Kanye fervently believes the lack of a 13th floor in some building is linked to the 13th amendment; only because, “the universe is perfect”. That belief is incredibly unclear, much like a rainy day in London.

But at the same time, many of Kanye’s beliefs are matters of fact about the world; indeed, some of his comments reflect an accurate conception of the sociopolitical climate we now find ourselves in. He seemingly ebbs-and-flows between delusion and reality, like a leaf not yet fallen to the ground: uncertain where it will land.

Delusions Of Grandeur Or Genuine Accomplishment?

A battle common to all who stride bravely in the world, to destine themselves with a goal to reach; a battle fought not on land but inside thought: self-confidence. To achieve in this world, we must in part be motivated by our very own self-confidence.

The confident soldier fears no battle and so heads willingly into its grasp; the confident artist not only expects but welcomes, enthusiastically so, public criticism. These labourers need more than whim and drive to succeed, they need a degree of confidence in their ability.

And one of the most common sources from which we derive our confidence be accomplishment. The soldier can derive confidence from a won championship combat tournament and an artist may can confidence from a beloved masterpiece. Both utilize previous accomplishment to be confident in their ability to step forwardly toward their goals. But caution must be given, as we can overstep and bring about horrid failure.

If we are either foolish or mistaken in our assessment of past accomplishments, we shall have a confidence which far exceeds our basic ability; we shall have delusions of grandeur. And it is precisely that concern which Kanye evokes within me; namely, am I deluded by my own confidence or am I certain in my own ability? Have I assessed myself accurately?

Of course, little doubt surrounds the accomplishments of Kanye; he has achieved much. From numerous successful albums to building a fashion brand, Kanye has demonstrated competency, certainly.

Though what is less certain be whether Kayne gets too high on his own supply or not; which is to ask, does Kanye’s confidence become overly inflated by his previous accomplishments? There are times wherein which I struggle most seriously to distinguish between proven competency and baseless claims; as when he compared himself to Tesla.

Kanye’s confidence is, much like a virtual reality, both rooted in something concrete, yet nevertheless an idealism or fabrication.

There But Unaware

In life, we are surrounded by others on a day-to-day basis; and whether we are in public or private has not much impact: people are always around us. We share roofs, we share offices, and we share washrooms.

Therefore, being aware of those who are around us can be of great benefit, as we seldom want to spend time around murderers and thieves. So, some level of social awareness is necessary for human life, if we seek quality social environments.

And Kanye West is indeed socially aware. He has, through his repeated accomplishments, revealed some level of competency in social life. But he has likewise revealed, through previous blunders, some level of incompetency in social life. He has spoken poorly on camera, he has spoken poorly with others, and he has spoken poorly on twitter. And it is precisely these social blunders that evoke anxiety within me.

If Kanye West, an achieved socialite cannot avoid disastrous outcomes in social life, then clearly such is part of life more generally. We are all doomed to be socially unaware; to be ignorant of what others conceive of us; to be unaware of those who are around us; to make fools of ourselves at public events. If Kayne embarrasses himself, then shall we all?

Kanye West Embodies Our Shortcomings

What We See In Kanye

The trunk from which these branches of anxiety grow outwardly from is human inability. Kanye West, in all his glory and fame, draws much attention to himself. In doing so, we can see the shortcomings of humanity within him, as he bears these shortcomings as much as any of us.

Thus, Kanye West causes me anxiety because he’s a human.

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