Humans Are Terminally Sick

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Humans have a terminal illness that plagues them throughout their lifespan. It plagues them in their social life, robbing them from friends; it plagues them in their private lives, robbing them from memories; and it plagues them from a decent living, as it likewise robs them from health. What is this terminal illness?

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Humans Are Terminally Ill

  • Life Brings

Humans Are Terminally Ill

Life Brings

All humans are terminally ill. We have been cruelly shackled to the realm of finitism upon the moment of our conception, doomed to fall apart the instant we were pieced together. As we unfold through time, as our personalities blossom throughout the seasons of life, a unique and magnificent beauty manifests; a beautiful flower grows within the garden of eve. But that beautiful flower bears an ugly truth. Though attached we have become, part ways we must. The flower is destined to lose each and every pedal, each and every sepal; wither and decay, no longer being. The ugly truth is that humans are terminally ill.

Life brings about movement. To read from one page to the other, we must swiftly and candidly walk our attention span across the black ink on each page; only so we may reach the other side of the book. To love another person, we must remove the cement bricks which surround our hearts and step beyond the safety of our bodies; only so we may reach the love of another. Life requires movement.

Life brings about challenge. To navigate the roadmap of life, we must struggle and resist those factors that so seek to lead us astray; only so we may stay the course. To solve the problems which life has so fortunately dropped affront our feet, we must reason and reflect; only so we may solve in timely fashion each problem and quickly resume our journey. Life requires problem-solving.

Life also brings about the merry banter of the evenings that civil society so fancies. To greet warmly our friends and colleagues each day, we must be receptive and about our emotional whits; only so we may engage properly those who matter. To greet coldly our business competitors and personal foes each day, we must be socially adept and calm in our spirit; only so we may emerge the victor of each interaction. Life requires social skills.

Life likewise brings about moments of temporary mishaps or unease. To survive those moments of bed stricken plights of bacterial or viral infections, we must have at the ready some defense; only so that we may withstand the temporary misery brought by sickness. To survive those months of stress and mental anguish, wherein which the world has come to bear heavily its might upon your faculties, so as to destroy entirely the person we have become, we must have at the ready some external support; only so that we may survive. Life requires immunity.

But you see, humans require of these nothing short from excellence. To have one without the other entails damage to the soul; to be alive without social support is to be less alive than one could be. And at the same time, for all the dependence we have on each, we are continually losing them moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day.

As time grows in her wisdom, humans suffer ever more. With time comes lessened mobility; with time comes lessened mental agility; with time comes lessened social aptitude; with time comes lessened immunity; with time, comes agony.

Much like the flower that blossoms, with time, we shall lose our pedals as well: those extensions of our being that make us unique. You see, humans are terminally ill. We were doomed to age from the start.


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