Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder



Beauty, the a marvel to ponder and a sight to see; beauty can be found in nearly everything. From mathematical formalisms to poetry of all sorts, beauty resides in multiple forms. But of the vastness of it all, beauty can be boiled down into two broad categories, of which I shall expound upon.

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Beauty Is Inside The Eye Of The Beholder

  • The Two Types Of Beauty

Beauty Is Inside The Eye Of The Beholder

The Two Types Of Beauty

The world around us is filled through and through with wondrous people and mysterious tangibles; great musicians and awe-inspiring scenes are seldom difficult to locate. On nothing more than a whims notice, we can have either the former or the latter in our presence.

To have the merry sounds of a seductive piano strike softly the drums of our ears, as the fingers of an adept pianist run hurriedly across its sugar-pine keys, is easily achieved through a mere google or youtube search. Likewise, to have beauty appear within our sense of sight, so as to satiate our deep-seated aesthetic yearnings, or to entice within us a sense of humanity, be no more difficult than to gaze upon modern architecture or look intently at the innovations of modern technology.

As assured I am of the fact that books reside behind me, tucked neatly away into square compartments, the world contains a myriad of splendid beauties. But the world around us, though rich in aesthetic capacity, holds just a fraction of all beauty.

Inside the realm of the mental, from which upon we view the entirety of experience, a unique beauty can be found therein; a beauty which emanates from and only from the mental; a beauty which ruminates within and only within the mental: private eyes only.

Found inside a glass box which sits atop our shoulders, contained within the mental, the most profound reflections and insights, or the most profound moods and sensations, fortunately so, visit our awareness. From scientific breakthroughs to existential realizations, from the coziness of love to the euphoria of achievement, formless beauty proliferates throughout: abstractions devoid of structure.

At the tips of our fingers, patient yet eager, the words of genius authors and beautiful poets await our eyes. We may consume in delight their written works; the consequent of which brings forth the rains of innovation and growth. Literature can dazzle the mind with new decorations, provide a new theme for the present moment; a Christmas tree from which hang written words and beneath which reside gifts of thought and reflection.

And within the depths of our hearts, the source of our empathy and care awaits. To be enlivened by our lovers warmth and embrace, or by their soft and gentle murmurs. Tingles sent up our spines to radiate throughout our minds, a beautiful experience found nowhere in the world, contained entirely inside our glass box.

Thus, as does the world outside possess aesthetic delicacies, of which have their own unique merit, so too does the world inside possess numerous yet original beautiful aspects.

Beauty, therefore, be more than a matter of how things appear. Beauty can likewise be a matter of how one feels or reflects; the way in which we so view the world. Beauty is, quite literally, inside the eye of the beholder.

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