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Within the modern intellectual climate (this is how you know someone is educated; when they start off with “within the modern intellectual climate”), there are plenty of bad ideas and philosophies. There are ill-informed ideas about biology, language, psychology, society, and artificial intelligence. And weaving through these bad ideas can be quite the task, especially without a background in the field or literature. For example, within the AI research community, not everyone is sold on the idea that current machine learning even resembles intelligent behavior, but the wall of academic jargon stops the less sensational positions from being talked about. Even more so, very few people are aware that neuroscience has found 12 different types of depression because, again, the jargon barrier to their articles. So, having an educated position can be too time-consuming or difficult because of a lack of background knowledge or jargon.

That is where my readers benefit. The site is dedicated to writing high-quality, sexually attractive lessons and articles that are well researched and thought-out, all while deliberately avoiding unnecessary jargon and useless information (did I mention sexually attractive?). Nothing is more annoying than unnecessary jargon, refusal to use concrete language, or refusing useful analogies because it is not “academic” to use analogies. In addition to well-written articles, the site also attempts to lighten the read by not taking the topics too seriously; why shouldn’t a conversation on artificial intelligence be accompanied by poorly drawn stick-figures and terribly written jokes? Am I right?

On top of the sexually attractive short essays, the site will offer introductions to topics, be it from the most general, like syntax and semantics, to the most specific, like the neurobiology of antipsychotics. Textbooks are too jargony and too pricey for the content they offer; and so, the site will offer a number of lessons to help students and others to learn a subject from scratch.

As for upload schedules, each Sunday, there will be a new article that will be well written and offer a highly original perspective on the world. Sometimes the articles will be about current events, or sometimes the articles will be inspired by something else. Whether it is about a current event or something being read, one thing is certain, it will be easy to read and jargon-free! And most likely sexually attractive.

Thank you for your support! It means a lot; you are the life-blood of the site!