On Being Open

Being open has a challenge unique only to being open. And failure can mean the difference between a terrible or good life. But what is this challenge?

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Philosophy Article

What is Theory-ladenness?

Are all observations influenced by theory? Can beliefs be formed without bias? Is perception laden with theory? These are the questions which relate to the problem of theory-ladenness. And I believe we cannot answer any of them with epistemic certainty.

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Self-Reliance & Unease

We have a choice to be either internally or externally focused in our personhood. And although it is true that many choose to be externally focused, because we reward social conformity, there many reasons to be internally focused, nonetheless; we just have to be willing to tolerate the unease.

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Philosophy, Philosophy Article

What Is A Lie?

What is a lie? Do all lies require an intentional element? How do we distinguish deception and omission from a lie? these questions, as simple as they are, don’t have simple answers. So, lets see what philosophers have to say about lies.

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Law Article

On Legal Precedent

An introduction to precedent that discusses horizontal and vertical precedent; persuasive and binding precedent; and the arguments for and against precedent.

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