The Philosopy of Social Media

Social media platforms (SMPs) are becoming both increasingly popular and ever more encompassing of human life; these platforms now have billions of users and take prominence over real-life socializing: for instance, it is common, amongst friends at a dinner table, to be on a cell phone using social media. The younger the user is, the more acceptable the behaviour as well.  But, even though social media platforms have a much bigger impact on younger generations rather than the older generations, it, nonetheless, has a massive impact on both.

A Short Essay: We Are Numbers

We push people into systems and then perform logical operations on them. Once in an appropriate form, we handle people with the rules of arithmetic: addition into groups, subtraction from their bank accounts, multiplication on their loans, and division between their societies. Even furthermore, we average the intelligence of groups, we label statistical abnormalities as potential health risks, and we categorize people by median income.  Like a calculator, we operate in the most logical forms, for this is the only way in which a human could ever operate on large numbers.