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About Discord

Discord is a voice based chat room, similar to Skype, except better. Learn more about Discord if its new to you: Discordapp.com. It provides high-quality encryption and web-based security, it is the safest voice based chat room out there. (if you don’t believe me, feel free to google this yourself).

About The Server

I do not own the server, but I frequent it for conversations on politics, philosophy, and science. There a lot of members (400) who are educated, well-read, and hold established positions within Academia. Of course, as with a lot of the internet, a few trolls do eventually come, but we moderate the server well. So, feel free to join in on the conversation, because I would love to talk to you.

How To Join

Simple, either click the image located above, or click through this link here:

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This will take you directly to the server. Looking forward to the conversation, cheers!