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We all need to provide a service for someone, that is what makes society function. And, what makes this website function is when we provide high-quality content, a service, for nothing more than the time it takes your eyeball to scan the entire text. This is a great trade since we enjoy writing, and I assume you enjoy reading. However, when we asked the grocery store if they accept view counts as an acceptable currency to exchange goods with, they said no. So, in order to keep this site up-and-running, keep it ad-free, and to keep the content flowing, we require viewer support. We aren’t looking to make tons of money here, just enough to support the site and eat.

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The site follows the philosophy of Michel de Montaigne; that is, even the brightest of our species are still deficient, and so we should never become too cocky or arrogant about our command over knowledge. Even those who can solve problems within linear algebra or develop complex theories within the social sciences are, nevertheless, stupid. This allows us to view the acquisition of knowledge as child’s play. We could never hope to compete with an AI, as its IQ would be well over 9000.

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We view the point of this site, and learning more generally, as a means to have fun with our fully developed minds. Philosophy and science should be viewed as play; only because we are as equally hopeless in our ability whether we are the utmost serious or not. An IQ of 160 is not that impressive, you cannot even travel space yet, so don’t be so delusional. Thus, our cause is to manifest a less delusional approach to intellectual activities, return the class clown to their rightful position of making us all laugh during our studies.

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The articles we publish take up 20 to 30 hours. They need to be written, edited, formatted and researched. This can sometimes go even longer. For example, sometimes we need to dig through journal articles to validate the claims of sources, chop our way through jargon jungles (a lot of disciplines use jargony language), and rip apart bookshelves to find a quote that we swore was on pg. 78…but turns out to be on pg. 657. This time consumption limits the number of articles we can produce since we have, as the kids like to say, “shit to do”. With support from the community, we can commit fully to the site and write more content.

Write Books for you

We have plenty of ideas for books, but the issue is that books take a lot of research. Each chapter can have up to 60 citations. Not only that but writing about complex subjects in simple language, although sounds easy, is far from it. We refuse to write any of our books in jargony language, and so writing takes a bit longer. Thus, to write a book would require us to stop writing articles, which no one wants.

Increase The Quality of the Content and Site

Increasing the quality of content takes time, and that is something we’re short on due to external monetary demands. We want to develop the site from scratch with all new code, but we cannot find the time to do so. On top of that, we also want to find a way to make the content more interactive, which also requires time. Your support will improve the site.

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Hello, how are you feeling this evening? Well, I hope. We know people like you, who read the entire article, are the people that genuinely care about the site and its content. As such, we depend on the generosity of readers like you to ensure the future of the site we both care about. Please, consider supporting us with a small donation. Not only will your support keep the site ad-free and away from paywalls, but it will help increase the quality of the site. We exist because you care.




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