Essays On Philosophy And Science

Book Review

Why We Buy

Why We Buy is a consumer psychology book, written by Paco Underhill, a consultant, who utilizes consumer psychology to increase retail store sales. How does he do it?

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Why People

Why People Change

People change, but why? The answer to why people change comes in many forms, and is often dependent on highly specific circumstances. here are just a few reasons as to why people change.

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Is Social Media Cancerous?

Social Media has received a lot of hate. People have said it ruins social life, it interferes with politics, and harms the mental health of our children. And therefore, social media is cancerous. But is that really so?


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Delusions: Examples, Definitions, and Theories.

What are delusions? The definition of delusions is that they are idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are firmly maintained despite evidence. But the definition of delusions seems to not fit the examples of delusions. So, what are delusions to psychologists and psychiatrists?


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Philosophy Article

Why You Don’t Understand Science

People who argue that philosophy and science are different simply don’t understand science. There are two good arguments for why philosophy and science are the same. One comes from cognition and the other from method; I discuss them herein.

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Humans Are

Humans Are Ungrateful

Humans are ungrateful. Seldom do our sacrifices for others get recognized. We give all the help in the world to others, all so it may go unnoticed. Humans are indeed ungrateful.

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