A lover of ideas, literature, and black coffee; the religious trifecta necessary for good writing. With an education in psychology, economics, and mathematics, Jordan writes weekly articles about science, philosophy, politics, and society. He offers an interdisciplinary perspective on any topic he discusses in his articles, as he has years of academic research experience in multiple fields. His articles are informative, well researched, and highly original. He is a coherent writer and controversial thinker worth following.


Daily, high-quality articles on philosophy and other academic subjects.


Well-researched books which discuss important academic topics.


An effort is made to avoid overly abstract language and maintain classical prose.


Christopher Abeare, NeuroPsychologist

Jordan (ideasinhat) is arguably the most well read student whom I have ever taught. He has encyclopedic knowledge of many topics in neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy and has an uncanny ability to apply this knowledge in thought provoking and creative ways.

Jason Morris, Psychology Professor

Jordan (ideasinhat) is a contender for my All-Time Favourite Student. The most rewarding thing about teaching is watching young minds develop. During the time I have known Jordan, I have seen incredible development in his thinking. When I first met him, he was already very intelligent and capable of working through complex ideas, but I was able to witness the refinement of his thinking. What impressed me most was his ability to integrate knowledge across disparate fields to address issues and his effortless access to relevant and illuminating examples from his readings in order to illustrate his points. This development happened over two years in our program. I can hardly imagine what to expect from the next few years he spends in universities and interacting with people online, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

Alex Omidvar, Author

Jordan is conscientious, intelligent and yet- is one of the most open minded people I have came across. As a deft conversationalist and a passionate writer, he would be a great asset to any future employers. His website and youtube channel all contain engaging and yet intellectually challenging material, which reflects Jordan’s creativity and his deep desire to engage in education and research.