Of those who have had an academic experience, whether it be reading or attending university, then it shall be of no difficulty to recall the deep homogeneity therein. Modern academics have, in general, become hyper-specialized on certain topics within certain disciplines; indeed, even the court system is now beginning to see judges who specialize in particular laws rather than law more generally. All intellectual activity has become increasingly specialized.

And in addition to the specialization of intellectual labour, it is quite apparent that a great deal of academics believe their blatant abuse of jargon, hedging, and abstraction is not only warranted but also necessary. For whatever reason, it has become a staple of academic writing to be difficult to understand. Constructions such as: “the plurality of the ontological sociality of the subject is predicated upon their exposure threshold reached within post-cultural structures,” have become normal within academic literature.

Being in the opposite camps of both clean cut academics and overly abstract writing styles, I use my site to write, in a concrete and jargon free fashion, about academic subjects across the board. On the site shall be found essays ranging from cognitive linguistic perspectives on the philosophy of religion to complex systems perspectives on economics. In a generation of overly abstract specialists, I seek to encourage concrete writing and generalist thinking.