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Earning Respect

There are differences between the respect earned from a master and the respect earned from an average person. Both are exciting to earn, yet both are not equal. Let’s discuss that difference.

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On Disagreement: the Vice Disguised as a Virtue

Disagreement is like a two-sided coin. It is either a virtue or a vice, depending on whether we are the one’s disagreeing or someone is disagreeing with us. For all the acts we commit, disagreement is one which, in regards to whether it is a virtue or vice, we flip-flop around rather frequently. Disagreement, in other words, can reveal our vices.

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Is Social Media Cancerous?

Social Media has received a lot of hate. People have said it ruins social life, it interferes with politics, and harms the mental health of our children. And therefore, social media is cancerous. But is that really so?


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