Humans Are Ugly


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Humans Are Ugly

  • Why Are Humans So Ugly?
  • Why It Is Humans Are So Ugly

Humans Are Ugly

Why Are Humans So Ugly?

Humans are ugly. When we look at a painting which is single in colour and compare it to one that be more diversified in its presentation of pigment, we know almost instantly that which is more aesthetic. Yet, when dealing with matters of human beauty, such becomes less obvious.

The human has a monochromatic appearance with an ordinary outline; we see nothing original or unique. Indeed, with humans, the closer one is to the norm the more beautiful they so become. Great deviations in attire worn, or in the manner which one chooses to style their hair, are perceived as unseemly and horrid: conformity is equivalent to beauty.

In strong contrast to that of human beauty, we have the great works of art produced by humans: a beauty sculpted by the individual differences of each artist’s brain. These works are polychromatic in appearance with greatly varied outlines; we see plenty of originality and uniqueness. Unlike the idealized form of human beauty, these works benefit from non-conformity; in fact, the more deviant the work of art be, the greater its impact upon our awareness so becomes.

And so, the reason as to why matters of aesthetics become less obvious with respect to humans be simple: we have two distinct vantage points from which we view the terrain. And as a consequent, our aesthetic judgements of beauty for either humans or art come from distinct countries: different cultures, different world-views, and so forth.

Put more specifically, humans must now compare and contrast objects with different standards of beauty; which is to say, on one hand, we have an evolutionary standard of beauty, one which favours symmetry, curves, and clear skin; while on another hand, we have a higher-order standard of beauty, of which has been cultivated through matters of culture and reflection, and favours non-evolutionary standards of beauty: such as asymmetry or antagonistic colours.

Thus, when take it upon ourselves to assess the aesthetics found in either a person or object, we face a dilemma. If we so appraise a person with evolutionary standards, then we shall find them beautiful; yet, of precisely the same person, if we so appraise them with our higher-order standards, we shall find them to be both ghastly and repulsive. Put otherwise, the mutual exclusion between evolution and culture causes a cognitive dissonance in those reflective enough to take note of the distinct standards at play.

How can we so judge of one object that it be beautiful but at the same time ugly, such violates the fundamental law of logic: namely, the law of identity. Our spirit cannot tolerate such a contradiction without evoking the most agonizing of sensations, no logician shall tolerate logical contradictions.

And now comes our conclusion, for we have in our road a junction which forces us down one of three paths.

Why It Is Humans Are So Ugly

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The first path be that of conformity to evolution. Put clearly, we shall follow down the first road to see through the lens of human beauty standards: I.e., the preference symmetry, monochromatic presentation, and ordinary outlines and wardrobes.

In juxtaposition, we have the second path: non-conformity to evolution. Hereon we shall travel down a road which leads to a reality where symmetry, monochromaticity, and that which is ordinary are entirely devoid. We shall have impressed upon our consciousness deviations of all sorts: lopsided circles and rainbow coloured hats.

The last option be, though counterintuitive, that we not only accept but also embrace the cognitive dissonance caused by the mutual exclusion of cultural and evolutionary beauty standards. That is, rather than reject or attempt to make compatible the mutual exclusions, we can instead accept them, entirely. Like a man who travels between the north and south pole, depending on whether he wants to be upside down or not, we can venture between each standard of beauty without the slightest concern for self-consistency: a change of our worldview upon a whims notice.

To sum up, then. We cannot suppose at all times that humans are beautiful; for if we suppose that which be beautiful to be polychromatic piece of art, then a monochromatic human is thusly ugly. Likewise, we cannot suppose at all times that art be beautiful; for if we suppose that it is a monochromatic human which pleases our aesthetic judgement, then a polychromatic artwork is thusly ugly. Of course, we can whimsically jump between these two views, as said with the third option, but even the third option can only adopt one view at a time.

And so, humans are ugly.


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7 thoughts on “Humans Are Ugly

  1. Human appearance may well be ugly. Human habits uglier still. Modern human history is over the top ugly. However, the body houses life temporarily. It is not life itself. The mind operates life. The mind being energy or Qi. This energy is temporary as well. It exists as long as moving blood magnetizes it to the body. Spirit or what is called Shen in Taoist thinking, is life itself. Shen adapting to the operation of life within the body is beautiful. Shen is not spirit in a religious sense. It is not uh god, whatever that means to each individual.
    The vitality of the body or Jing. Magnetizes a relative charge of Qi or energy. This Biomagnetic charge attracts a certain magnitude of Shen or spirit. This Shen is the substance. Yi or Will is the function. The display and action of human Will is beautiful. When Will is in concert with Celestial Design; folks tend to call it glorious and miraculous. Truth be told, this is a real human being. As natural as the shining sun. Unfortunately, you are correct, ordinary humans following their conditioning like so many lemmings. Eating, sleeping, fucking and dying; this is ugly.
    Rather than despair, one can look within the breath for Qi. Condense the Qi into the spine and bone marrow in order to increase Jing or vitality. Strong Jing will attract Shen with the will to overcome past conditioning. Persevere long enough to become a real Human. With luck, one may bump into the Tao, view Celestial Design, and give up on being an ugly human, with a personality that overshadows presence. Complete reality demands a personality for the sake of others. The default mode is presence in a real human. A 50/50 balance of personality and presence is ideal. Seeing how little presence ordinary humans display; a lot of self-refinement is needed. Strive forward from the Heart.

    1. Thanks for the comment,

      I agree with the overall theme rooted your comment: namely, beauty comes from an effort towards something beyond the average or norm.

  2. Beauty is an adjective not a noun. As it is it only applies in contrast to its opposite or else it has no meaning. So both are relative terms.
    In terms of living beings beauty usually involves symmetry, coherence, completeness and love. Love is referring to the general attraction of matter to form coherent forms while hate is the explosive, self annihilating of coherent forms. And if you look at supernova explosions they would be both hateful entities and beautiful simultaneously?
    I think it’s just this ambivalent perspective that’s more sincere.

      1. Are you familiar with Taoism? Yin and Yang? Everything exists in opposites in a bipolar universe and so love doesn’t exist without hate(they are impossible to define independently as monopoles).
        Look at how language is used. Substances that are attracted to water are called hydrophilic(water loving) and substances that are repelled by water are hydrophobic(water hating). If you examine how love is used its also applied to the basic mechanisms of the inanimate universe itself. It’s love that firms stars and galaxies and hate(repulsion) that blows them apart! Humans are a part of the non living totality but share properties with the fundamental truths.

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